The Differences in How the Pandemic Is Handled: US vs. Mexico

If you log on to your computer or turn on your television, you will be inundated with the pandemic that has literally caused the entire globe to put the brakes on. There are shelter in place orders in pretty much every country because of the numbers of people being affected. The United States, being as powerful and rich as it is has become one of the many countries that is under a microscope for how its handling this outbreak. In this video, I share what I have noticed so far that are glaring differences in how my newly adopted country is handling things versus how my home country is handling things. I don’t know when its all said and done, who will lead the way with doing it well or who will lead the way with number of fatalities. This is not me picking a side per se, its me sharing what I have seen and experienced.

If you would like to share your experience from where you are, I’d love to know what I may have missed or if you are in a different country than the two in this video, what are they doing there to minimize the spread. Stay safe!

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