I think as a lupus warrior, I’m a professional at social distancing. I was spending a great deal of time alone before the coronavirus made its debut. I’m glad to be in a country other than the US at this point as well. It seems there is widespread panic there and people are literally having physical fights over toilet tissue. I just wonder where their common sense went and do they not have soap and water at home.

At any rate, I have decided to take this time to ramp up my sewing efforts. I would love to add making jewelry to what I have been doing but all of my jewelry making things are in a box that was to be shipped to be but amidst all of this panic, some of the major carriers (FedEx in my case) are not shipping outside of the states for the next 30 days at the time of this writing. Something else I don’t fully understand but will spend no time on it because I can’t change it.

Simple sewing, made some reusable kitchen and bathroom sponges.

I am kind of sad that this has grown to a place where people are ugly to one another in my home country but glad to see how gracefully other countries are dealing with being quarantined. It’s also nice to see that some countries regard their elderly and are not writing them off like they don’t matter. My local grocery store has stocked tons of tissue, there is stock still in boxes in the aisles while the shelves are full and not one person from what I could see was “panic shopping” or buying in a way to profit.

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