I see a lot of really cute hairstyles that are really short or barely there. Before I lost my hair, I would hear some of these refered to as TWA’s (Teeny Weeny Afro’s) and while I thought they looked great on the women wearing them, it was not my desire to join their ranks.

Lupus came along and changed my life and altered my hairline. When my hair started falling out, it was not something I expected to have an emotional issue with since I covered my natural hair frequently and in my younger years, I’d once upon a time had a crew cut. However, there is definitely a difference in a decision that you make for fashion versus one you make when you feel painted into a corner.

For me, this is quite traumatic, it caused a deepening of sad feelings that come from already battling so many other parts of my body. When I cut all of my hair off, it was before it was fashionable to be completely bald. Short hair was one thing but the completely bald woman was almost always associated with a battle for one’s life. Nothing about this is fun or fashionable. I shared an inspiring video with the lupus support group that I help admin and emails started pouring in. I decided to share my story. If you are dealing with hair loss, you are not alone.

2 thoughts on “My Journey Into Losing My Hair

  1. Your strength, power and vulnerability are breathtaking! So honored to have you as my aunt. Love you and the story was funny. You had to bring that Chicago out on ole boy

    1. Hey love! I love you to life, you know that. Yeah, he tried it lol I was not there for any part of his nonsense!

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