During the coronavirus, I have really started doing my best to find ways to get away from all of the bad news. I have been playing a game if you will with Youtube where I actually look at my suggestions as opposed to running to my normal subscriptions. Last week, it suggested a couple, their names Deana and Phil. He’s German, she’s American. They did a video sharing the differences in the homes in Germany vs. the US. I found it both entertaining and helpful. Since I’ve considered three countries home in the last four years, I know what it is to get to a place with certain expectations only to be shocked by the differences.

I decided I would do a similar video because things have been a bit different in every country I’ve lived in and if I had that information ahead of time, it would not have been so shocking. The first time I encountered a hole in the floor in Southeast Asia…I wasn’t ready! Check out their video as well as mine and enhance your knowledge if you have plans to travel or adopt either of these countries as your new home.

If you are in a country other than these two and want to add your experience, I’d love to learn more. If you are in either of the countries shared by me or by Deana and Phil and noticed we may have missed something, please add your comments. Be sure to let them know you learned of their channel here and tell them I said hello and thanks for the inspiration!

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