Hi there, I’m a lupus warrior doing my best to live my best life. Here I share the things that bring me joy, I speak candidly and often humorously about this crazy body of mine and just do my best to bring joy to others while informing them on what this life is really like.

You don’t look sick is something those of us with invisible illnesses often hear. With the changes our bodies go through, depression, anxiety and being home bound can be realities. I refuse to give up or give in and I hope I can help you learn more about these battles while bringing you joy.

I’m on a plant based journey to help my body so you will see some of the yummy things I feed to my body. I am also teaching myself to sew, create jewelry and do other forms are art therapy to help combat depression. All of which makes me happy so I hope you are ready to step into my world. I look forward to getting to know you!